Stopover in Johannesburg. Stopovers aren’t always bad, I just met these two guys from the maintenance crew of the airport and we had a long conversation. They asked me lot of stuff about Portugal, like transports, food, animals, ciggarettes. It’s nice to explain to people how we live in Europe when they have no idea.

Travel is more than monuments!

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Today is the day that I would really like to be in Porto. If you are in Porto don’t miss NOS D’BANDADA. Lots of concerts everywhere and for FREE!!!


Full lineup:

Amazing portuguese artist! You can find his work all over Portugal.

Have you ever eaten Francesinha before? 

I met this german guy in Greece in 2013 and few weeks later he wrote me asking if I could host him in Porto but unfortunately I couldn’t. And then I asked him “Have you eaten Francesinha?” and he says to me “three times! Amazing shit!”.

So, don’t forget to eat Francesinha when you’ll be in Porto!!

Just enjoy your life!
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Ferry boat, 4hours to go!
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This is Africa !
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chillin in Ponta do Ouro
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Maputo sunset.

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